VinoNueva is project that we, as a couple, decided to launch out of our passion for wine, our search for a change of scenery and industry and our desire to bring to Miami an approachable way to buy and enjoy wine. Rather than giving you a standard bio, here are few fun questions that we hope will allow you to know us a little better.

First wow moment with wine?
BV: One of my closest friends, a Piedmont aficionado, invited me to taste a bottle of 2006 Barbera Bricco dell’Uccelone. For me, that single bottle marked an awakening that ignited a passion for wine, almost a decade ago.

ACB: In fall 2014 I was trying to plan a beach getaway from New York but Bernardo brain-washed me into agreeing to an intensive wine trip to Piedmont. At first, I was skeptical about the trip but I must admit that the experience transformed me. I was able to understand wine on a deeper level and see what’s behind a label. I’ll never forget our visit to the Roberto Voerzio winery; their wines are outstanding but what I found truly inspiring was their approach to winemaking: humble, passionate and understated.

How do you define a great wine?
BV: Wines are like people you need to get to know them and understand their depth before passing judgment. Some wines give a great first impression but can become flat and boring over time; others might need to be allowed to open up to show you their full potential. I try not to judge a wine by a single glass but rather a full bottle because I want to see it evolve before I draw a conclusion. However, what makes a great wine truly exceptional is the subjective: the place, the time and the people you’re sharing it with.

ACB: All wines have their beauty but when a good wine is paired with good company it becomes a great wine. 

Would you ever let anyone else choose the wine at dinner?
BV: Actually, yes, I do. I’ve found that it is one of the best ways to learn something new. The thing I enjoy the most about wine is tasting new things and expanding my horizons, I’m always looking to push the envelope. When I find someone that has a good criterion, I usually accept their suggestion to try something new. Truthfully, that’s how I’ve discovered some of my favorite wines.

ACB: Being the wife of a wine geek, I don’t get to choose the wine. I trust Bernardo and he knows what I like. But sometimes he takes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to try something new. However, I must admit that when I’m out with my friends I tend to monopolize the wine list…

What does personalized service mean to you?
BV: Is about not being transactional but rather developing a personal relationship with clients. When someone comes into VinoNueva they’ll be dealing with us regardless of their taste and budget. We like to take the time to know our customers: theirs likes and dislikes, what they love about wine and what wine means to them. This allows us to offer them what they like, but more importantly, to put new wines on their radar that they can love but weren’t even aware they existed. And this is a two-way street, we also feel that by getting to know our clients we could also learn a great deal from them. The wine world is large and vast and knowing every wine in every region is impossible.

ACB: A memorable shopping experiences. From an impeccably merchandised store, to an on-time delivery of your order or a beautifully wrapped gift. I want you to always have a seamless experience at VinoNueva. I’m here to make sure that no detail in VinoNueva is ever overlooked.

Do you need to know wine to enjoy wine?
BV: No, enjoyment is about the experience more than the knowledge. The more you know, the deeper the experience. But for me the real way to enjoy wine is by sharing it with the right people.

ACB: Not at all. For me wine means enjoyment and any excuse is valid. There’s nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than a glass – or half a bottle – of wine after a long day at home with your kids.