Chateau de Fargues 'Lur Saluces' Sauternes 1996


Château de Fargues is a unique wine estate located in the prestigious Sauternes appellation in Bordeaux, which is known for its sweet white wines.

This estate has belonged to the Lur Saluces family since 1472, a unique example of continuity and longevity of heritage. The history of this family is intimately linked to that of the region and its wine. The Château de Fargues produces a very appreciated Sauternes. The magic of this appellation lies in the observation of Botrytis Cinerea, a microscopic fungus better known as “noble rot”. When it appears in autumn, the juice in the grape is transformed, it loses its volume to acquire flavors of candied fruits and aromas of flowers. The vineyard is planted with two grape varieties: Semillon (80% of the surface) which brings fatness, roundness and ample structure to the wine and Sauvignon Blanc (20% of the surface) cultivated for its aromatic side and its great freshness. In Fargues, quantity is not the goal. It is indeed the quality, vineyard of Fargues seeks to capture and bottle the exceptional aromatic palette of its wine.

A beautifully brilliant colour. At first the bouquet is rather discreet - a sign of youth - but then the freshness and elegance of the vintage comes through. Acacia, broom and candied lemon aromas lead into a rich, botrytized bouquet with toasty overtones. On the palate, this wine is round, full, and well-balanced. The richness comes to the fore and the sweetness enhances the impression of elegance. The candied fruit (lemon) and quince jelly provide a refreshing prelude to the toasty, slightly spicy flavour. A perfect balance between power and elegance. A lovely, aromatic aftertaste. A classic Sauternes with great ageing potential.


Producer: Château de Fargues

Country: France

Region: Bordeaux

Varietal: Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Sauternes

Vintage: 1996

Size: 375ml