Domaine Dominique Gruhier - Bourgogne Tonnerre Blanc 2018


Dominique Gruhier grew up in Tonnerre, only a mile away from the winery he now owns in Epineuil. Though his maternal grandfather was a négociant in the Côte d’Or, his parents didn’t have vineyards and weren’t in the wine trade. After high school, Dominique went to Dijon to study mechanical engineering, but soon discovered that engineering was not what he wanted to do.

Bourgogne Tonnerre is the regional AOC for whites, for an area that includes six villages: Epineuil, Dannemoine, Junay, Molosmes, Tonnerre and Vézinnes. The AOC was created in 2006, prior to that the whites were also part of the Bourgogne Epineuil AOC. Whites are produced from Chardonnay. There are only 38 hectares under plantation (source: Inside Burgundy, Jasper Morris.)

Organic viticulture. Gentle pressing, indigenous yeast fermentation, aged for 10 months in older oak barrels (about 30%) and stainless steel (about 70%).

Bourgogne Tonnerre is a white wine balanced between freshness and softness, with a bouquet of fruity and mineral aromas.

Producer: Domaine Dominique Gruhier 

Country: France

Region: Burgundy

Varietal: Chardonnay

Appellation: Bourgogne 

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml