Luigi Tecce - Taurasi Riserva 'Poliphemo' 2015


"If you don’t know the name already, Luigi Tecce belongs on your short list of up-and-coming wineries in Campania. Tasting these wines immediately brings producers such as Paolo Bea, Arianna Occhipinti and Emido Pepe to mind. It’s likely that the day will come that they are spoken about in the same circles." - Eric Guido - Vinous

A visit to Luigi Tecce can get you emotional. Luigi himself is a ball of them, and his Aglianico from Taurasi elicits them. His grandfather’s masseria (farmhouse) and vineyards are located in the Taurasi subzone known as Sud-Alta Valle (South-High Valley). It’s one of Taurasi’s high-altitude growing areas, having a soil that’s layered with sand, limestone and Vesuvius’ pumice; it’s also the dwelling of Luigi’s 80+ year old vine-trees. There’s no enologist and no agronomist, Luigi works in relative solitude. Maybe that’s why there’s such an affinity between him and the wines: exuberant and guarded, archaic and immediate, literary and literal; there’s something theatrical in their pleasure. The wines come from the tradition and grandeur of Mastroberardino’s Taurasi bottlings, but I feel Luigi’s one of a very limited group of Taurasi producers that are eclipsing the old master.

Fermentation takes place in large chestnut tini and the wines age in large oak vessels (botti grande), that fully highlight the qualities of the unique volcanic terroir. 

The Poliphemo Riserva bottling is Luigi Tecce’s most archaic expression of a Taurasi, from centenarian vines (really vine-trees!). It is not only one of the great wines of Taurasi, but one of the great wines of Italy. Italian wine lovers know Mastrobernardino’s 1968 Taurasi bottling as one of Italy’s greatest wines. Tecce may take that honor in the future: fine wine critic John Gilliam has compared Tecce to famous Bruno Giacosa. And, Italy’s Espresso wine guide, long considered the most searching and aesthetically rigorous of the Italian guides, rated Tecce’s 2012 Poliphemo 1st on their listing of wine to cellar, followed by Giuseppe Mascarello’s Barolo Monprivato and Roagna’s Barbaresco. 

Luigi practices organic farming and no sulphur are added to his wines. Only 7.000 bottles produced. Limited quantities available.

We got introduced to Luigi Tecce several years ago in NYC and have been a fan of his wines ever since. One the best producers from Campania for sure, too bad there's limited supply.

Producer: Luigi Tecce

Country: Italy

Region: Campania

Varietal: Aglianico

Appellation: Taurasi Riserva

Vintage: 2015

Size: 750ml