Poderi Colla - Costa Bruna Barbera d'Alba 2018


Part of the vineyard, located in Barbaresco, was planted in about 1930: this is one reason for the wine's intensity and concentration, velvety and with a fresh and pleasant acidity.

Parts of the vineyard were replanted in 1995 and 2005, while the rest dates back to 1930. It produces small bunches of straggly superlative quality grapes, with berries that are similarly small, but rich in colour, fleshy and sweet. The new rooted grafts were obtained from the masal selection of the old strains and grafted onto 420/A, which is not very vigorous and highly compatible with the soil and the Barbera vine.

Purplish violet red, vinous and complex scent of strawberries and cherries, floral and spicy. In the mouth, great body, fresh acidity, pleasant both when young and at maturity.

A wine for any part of the meal, which goes well with pasta, soups and pies; ideal in the kitchen when preparing sauces and meat stews.

Producer: Poderi Colla

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Varietal: Barbera

Appellation: Barbera d'Alba

Vintage: 2018

Size: 750ml