Viñatigo - Islas Canarias 'Listán Blanco' 2021


Juan Jesus is a proud native of Tenerife and the fourth generation of growers in the island. During the twenty-five years that he’s overseen Bodegas Viñátigo, he has considerably increased its holdings, planting varieties that he and his team recuperated. During these years he has also juggled the classes he teaches as a professor of viticulture and enology at the Ciclo Superior de Vitivinicultura. 

While the work in the vineyard and winery has always been sustainable, now with Jorge all of Viñátigo’s holdings are farmed organically, and many are being treated biodynamically.

The grapes are hand-harvested and fermented using indigenous yeasts. Minimal sulfur is used in the winery and no synthetic materials are used in the winemaking.

One hundred per cent Listán Blanco (aka Palomino Fino) from ungrafted vines. These vines are pergola-trained and about one hundred years old on average and planted between 500 and 900 meters of altitude above sea-level. Vinification and aging is done in inox tanks. Fresh, salty, mineral-driven and hugely refreshing; quintessential island wine.

Producer: Bodegas Viñátigo

Country: Spain

Region: Canary Islands

Varietal: Listán Blanco

Appellation: Islas Canarias

Vintage: 2021

Size: 750ml