Walkthrough Tasting 10.23.23

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October 23rd: Jorge Ordóñez Selections with Victor Ordóñez

At Vinonueva | 5582 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL, 33137 | 7:00 pm-8:30 pm


Jorge Ordóñez Selections – Fine Estates from Spain, Inc. is a family-owned importer founded in 1987 by Jorge Ordóñez. The company was the first national specialty importer of Spanish wines that introduced the wines of Spain to the United States. At a time when less than a dozen Spanish labels were being commercialized in the US.

Their evolution as a combined importer-negociant-producer led to Jorge becoming an estate producer at Grupo Bodegas Ordóñez. As a result, they have abandoned their consultant-negociant activities and work exclusively as a fine wine agent and importer representing a portfolio of 27 estate wineries. Jorge's family owns five of these, producing fine wines in six of Spain's oldest Denominaciones de Origen. The 22 others are family-owned producers they exclusively represent in the US and Puerto Rico.

Join us in a walkthrough tasting with Jorge's son, Victor Ordóñez - National Sales & Marketing Manager at Jorge Ordóñez Selections. 

Victor Ordóñez

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections


Jorge Ordóñez grew up in Málaga and being intricately involved in his family's wholesale wine business gave him an intimate understanding of the nuances of wine production and the potential Spanish wines had in the international market. However, upon his arrival in the United States in 1987, he was confronted with a stark reality — Spanish wines were languishing in the shadow of their French, Californian, and Italian counterparts, perceived mainly as inferior, quirky, and inexpensively made.

Ordóñez recognized that this detrimental image was less a result of the inherent quality of the wines and more due to external factors like inadequate storage and poor transportation conditions. Moreover, he identified the lasting negative impact of Franco's regime on Spanish viticulture, which had emphasized bulk production and cooperative systems at the expense of fine wine cultivation. He saw that if Spanish wines were to take their rightful place on the world stage, changes were necessary, not just abroad but at their very source.

With deep respect for Spain's ancient, dry-farmed vineyards and indigenous grapes, Ordóñez set out on a mission. Revitalize the nation's winemaking: championing cleanliness, advocating for reduced yields, and promoting the modernization of certain traditional methods. Jorge Ordóñez stood against the common practice of replacing local grape varieties with globally popular ones, advocating instead for safeguarding Spain's traditional vines. His crusade was not just about producing wine; it was about preserving Spain's viticultural soul, emphasizing the unique terroir, and celebrating the authentic, indigenous varieties.

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Muga Rioja

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Cuenta Viñas Rioja

Undeterred by the risks, Ordóñez pioneered the introduction of then-exotic varietals like Albariño, Godello, Garnacha, Monastrell, and Tinta de Toro to the international palate. He established Fine Estates From Spain, becoming a trailblazer in wine handling. Every aspect of the business focuses on maintaining the wines' integrity and provenance. He insisted on revolutionary improvements in the transportation and storage of wine, such as utilizing refrigerated warehouses and shipping methods. This rigorous approach was instrumental in the renaissance of Spanish wines in the late '90s, finally earning them the acclaim they deserved.

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Bodegas Avancia

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Francisco Barona

The wineries Ordóñez represents are multi-generation family businesses committed to farming and producing distinctive wines. They make honest wines with a sense of history, culture, and place. These artisan producers employ non-interventional, authentic methods of farming and winemaking.

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Viñedos de Páganos

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Señorío de San Vicente

As the world was awakening to the nuances of Ribera del Duero and Albariño, Ordóñez partnered with the most talented winemakers to produce fine wines where none existed. While Jorge's history in the wine business started as a wholesaler, importer, and merchant of wine, he sought out regions with untapped potential. Areas like Toro, Rías Baixas, Calatayud, and Valdeorras. His endeavors culminated in the establishment of Grupo Bodegas Ordóñez, encompassing five estate wineries. These properties are authentic estate wineries – not importer private labels. This is the Ordóñez family's first foray into the production side of the business.

Photo credits: Jorge Ordóñez Selections - Bodegas Ordóñez

Ordóñez's has received numerous accolades for his contributions to the wine industry. However, beyond these honors, his most remarkable achievement is reigniting the world's passion for Spanish wines. He not only carved out a thriving market for them but also reinvigorated a sense of pride among the grape growers and winemakers of Spain.

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