Walkthrough Tasting 3.15.24

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March 15th: Champagne Éric Taillet with Éric Taillet

At Vinonueva | 5582 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL, 33137 | 7:00 pm-8:30 pm


In partnership with Somm Selection.

Join us for an upcoming walkthrough tasting featuring Éric Taillet of Champagne Éric Taillet. As the 4th generation winemaker in the Taillet family, Éric took the helm in 1995, bringing new energy into their longstanding tradition.

Photo Credits: Champagne Éric Taillet


The first generation of Champagne producers in the Taillet family dates back to 1900, but it wasn't until 1956 when Daniel Taillet officially founded their winery. 

Éric Taillet has been deeply involved with their vineyards in the Marne Valley from a young age. His dedication is particularly focused on Pinot Meunier, the signature grape of the region that dominates 75% of their 6-hectare estate. 'Meunier is fruit, finesse, length in the mouth, and an extraordinary aromatic palette,' Éric notes. His commitment to this variety led to the creation of the Meunier Institute, aimed at exploring the full potential of Pinot Meunier and its expression of the terroir.

Photo Credits: Meunier - Champagne Éric Taillet

At the Taillet estate, old vines thrive in a unique blend of clay, limestone, flint, and marl soils, setting the stage for Éric Taillet's mission: to bring the land's essence into every bottle of Champagne. His approach is thorough, focusing on the details of vineyard care, like pruning, row spacing, and soil nurturing. However, Éric's commitment goes further and is deeply rooted in eco-friendly practices.

He's taken big steps to make the vineyard sustainable, steering clear of weedkillers and fertilizers, and is in the third year of pursuing organic certification. By enriching the soil with organic matter, Éric enhances microbial life and improves soil structure, which in turn supports healthier vine growth. He's even planted 600 beech trees around a particular plot to enhance the ecosystem further, from improving soil health to managing water and boosting carbon storage. These efforts show his deep belief in working with nature to express the unique character of each wine, blending care for the environment with the art of winemaking.


Photo Credits: Tree planting - Champagne Éric Taillet

Éric Taillet's singular focus is on producing exceptional Champagnes from exceptional harvests. As a self-described creator of emotions through Champagne, he prioritizes crafting wines that not only reflect the exceptional quality of their harvests but also carry a distinct typicity and style recognizable from the first sip. His meticulous approach and philosophical commitment to the vineyard and winemaking practices ensure that every bottle of Champagne Éric Taillet is a tribute to the land and a testament to their rich heritage.

Check out the lineup for this tasting:

  • Champagne Eric Taillet Brut Cuvee "Exlusiv'T" 
  • Champagne Eric Taillet Ultra Brut Cuvee "Renaissance" 
  • Champagne Eric Taillet Brut Rose Cuvee "Luminosi'T"

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