Château Minuty 281 - Côtes de Provence 2022


Château Minuty 281 is an exceptional cuvée, a true concentrate of Provence, made from a selection of Grenache clones that are an average of 25 years old and cradled by the maritime influences of the Château Minuty terroir.

This vintage came out in 2015 and is the latest Minuty rosé. Why 281? It’s a nod to the blue Pantone number used for the bottle neck. The intense blue is a celebration of the nearby Mediterranean Sea which influences and elevates the Minuty vineyard every day. 281 is also inspired by the visionary and revolutionary ambition of Etienne Matton, Jean-Etienne and François’s father. He began cloning the winery’s exclusive Grenache in the 70s which now forms the 281 vintage’s best plots. So the 281 is a rosé for celebration, haute-couture and fine dining.

A plot selection of the winery’s three main terroirs goes into this vintage. Grenache from a single clone is joined by the winery’s wonderful Syrah to bring in the spicy and peppery aftertaste. Like the rest of the estate, the grapes are grown with the HEV certification (High Environmental Value) with specific ground cover based on soil type and exposure. The grapes are hand-picked, something that’s essential as it locks in the grape’s integrity but is so rare to find. Next comes Jean-Etienne and François Matton’s expertise, knowledge of the vineyard and delicate touch from winemaking to bottling to produce this extraordinary vintage.

A pale pink color for this wine with ample and pleasing aromas. On the nose, a delicate variation of citrus, exotic fruit and white currant notes. Then in the second phase, a real aromatic bouquet unfolds with complex aromas of white flesh fruits and vine peaches, iodine and spicy notes such as white pepper. A delight on the nose followed by an airy palate carried by a great fullness and a pronounced length.

Best served chilled (10-12°) rather than cold so the 281 can be beautifully paired with flavoursome dishes, premium shellfish whether it be served simply like roasted lobster, rock lobster in banana leaf or cooked in a scallop risotto. Spicy dishes like Peking duck for its sweet and sour flavour, beef curry for its fragrant spices or delicious yakitori grilled with its sweet sauce. Summery salads served with lobster, avocado and grapefruit quarters. Sophisticated berry desserts.

Producer: Château Minuty

Country: France

Region: Provence

Varietal: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault 

Appellation: Côtes de Provence

Vintage: 2022

Size: 750ml