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J.B. Becker - Wallufer Walkenberg Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2020


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J.B. Becker in Walluf in the beautiful Rheingau bears the name of the wine cooper Jean Baptist Becker, who founded it in 1893. Despite the upheavals of more than 125 years of eventful history, his descendants have continuously managed to keep the estate in family ownership. To this day, the family upholds the principles of the founder. Neither mineral fertilizers nor herbicides are used in the vineyards for Becker wines. By the way: J.B. Becker wines have been produced in a natural way since 1893 - and not just since 2008, when the company was officially certified as an organic grape producer! 

And otherwise the clocks at the Beckers seem to tick a little differently. The longer the wines are allowed to mature undisturbed - according to the conviction then and now - the more the wine helps itself and "on the side" preserves exactly what makes it really long-lasting and storable. An attitude and philosophy that is highly valued by wine lovers all over the world. Drops of "J.B. Becker" are regarded as model students when it comes to the attributes of longevity and classic style.

The white grape variety produces long-lasting and multi-faceted wines - which is why it is one of the finest grape varieties in the world. Riesling thrives particularly well in the Rheingau, as it retains the acidity that gives the wines a long life through the cool nights. Dry and mature Rieslings are the hallmark of J.B. Becker. They have always been carefully handcrafted and committed to absolute top quality.

After more than 125 years of tradition, in which one has always remained true to one's own convictions, many young sommeliers and connoisseurs of the wine scene are enthusiastic about those wines that often only leave the cellars of the winery after years of maturity and above all because of convince of their independence. Which is hardly surprising, because with every year (or better: decade) of maturity, another remarkable facet is reflected. The extremely long-lived Becker Rieslings remain on the yeast in the barrel for a long time - up to 12 months - and are only bottled shortly before the next harvest. This is how they achieve a fascinating harmony and even after decades they still appear fresh and convince with great fruit despite their ripe note.

This dry Riesling Kabinett thrives on the Wallufer Walkenberg in a wind-protected hillside and represents the philosophy and the claim of J.B. Beckers. As an absolutely dry and very precise Riesling, it reflects its origins with beautiful acidity and minerality.

Following the selective manual harvest, the wine is aged with the vineyard's own yeasts in traditional Rheingau wooden barrels. After almost a year on the full yeast, the wine is very gently filtered and bottled. During the subsequent bottle aging, the J.B. Becker Wallufer Walkenberg Riesling Kabinett dry to reveal its finesse-rich spectrum of fruity and floral aromas. In the mouth it is concise, fresh and surprises with a duel of delicate saltiness and sweetness.

Importer Notes:

God bless Kabinett Trocken – this wine is so fucking beautiful – everything I love about Kabinett Trocken (the lightness, the delicacy, the energy) is here. I missed it so. Sitting there at the estate, I asked Hans Josef why this was so damn good – I thought 2020 was sorta hot… he sat there, not annoyed but thinking. And after a bit of a pause, he said: “I don’t know. Why does the sun shine, why is the weather so beautiful?” And that was that. Honest to god this is what happened.

In 2020 the Kabinett Trocken has 4.6g RS (legally dry), 12% of alcohol and a sharp 8g of acidity.


Producer: J.B. Becker

Country: Germany

Region: Rheingau

Varietal:  Riesling

Appellation: Rheingau

Vintage: 2020

Size: 750ml