Venica 'Primarul' Friulano Collio 2021


Venica & Venica is one of the most famous wineries of Collio specialized in white wines, Venica & Venica has always pursued the road of excellence, respecting tradition and valuing its origins and values. A border area between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. Here there are vineyards that climb up several hills, each one of which, given the different altitudes and exposures, has various microclimates that provide and guarantee incredible complexity to the wines.

Among the approximately 40 hectares of vines, most of them (about 85%) are white berried, and each one has its specific peculiarities for position, morphological conformation, exposure to sunlight and breezes, presence of surrounding areas with forests, humidity, slope. Every single hectare is unique and sometimes several different microclimates can occur even on the same hill.

traw yellow or light golden color, quite bright. On the nose we perceive the prevalence of fruity notes of pear and apple, in harmony with the vegetable ones of hay, wildflowers and chamomile and to finish the typical hint of toasted almond, unique in this grape variety. In the mouth it is a little bit acidic, round, full-bodied, and what promised on the nose is confirmed by the taste, which identifies its main feature in the final touch of bitter almond. 

You can pair this wine as an aperitif with with prosciutto crudo and cheese, a delicate fish risotto. Asparagus or turkey with seasonal herbs.


Producer: Venica & Venica

Country: Italy

Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Varietal: Friulano

Appellation: Collio

Vintage: 2021

Size: 750ml