Viña González Bastías - Naranjo 2021


Daniela Lorenza and Jose Luis Gonzalez Bastias are the couple behind of one of Chile’s oldest, continuously family owned heritage Pais vines. They naturally farm 4 hectares of seventh generation Pais that was planted over 200 years ago. Their land is on the southern shore of the Maule River close to the coast of Consticucion, in the Western Maule Valley. Their soil is river stones on top of a granite bedrock. The winery and cellar are on property, and many Chilean vignerons have spent time lending a hand here. Gonzales Bastias produces rare examples of age-worthy, estate-grown, natural, handmade Pais-centric wines. They have historical and cultural relevance to Chile and are a reference point for Chilean Wine.

Varieties: Pink Moscatel 40% - Torontel 40% - País 20%.

Winemaking: Manual crushing with a “Zaranda de Coligüe” both grapes are crushed together in open fermented with native yeast, then we add País juice. Daily punch downs, two to four weeks with skin contact. No press, only first juice.

Aging : 6 months in refurbished Chilean Raulí Fudre, manual bottling, no filtration, only first juice.

Producer: Viña González Bastías

Country: Chile

Region: Maule Valley

Varietal: Pink Moscatel, Torontel, Pais

Appellation: Valle del Maule

Vintage: 2021

Size: 750ml