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October 17th: Poderi Colla with Andrea Zarattini

At Vinonueva | 5582 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL, 33137 | 6:30 pm-8:00 pm | RSVP

In partnership with Florida Wine Company


Andrea Zarattini from Poderi Colla will visit Vinonueva. We will be tasting all the wines available in Miami, from the everyday Dolcetto D'Alba, Barbera, and Langhe Nebbiolo to their Barbaresco and Barolo.

Photo credits: Poderi Colla

The Colla family is one of the most important winemaking families in Piedmont. Not only have they brought global notoriety to their home region, but their relevance in the cultural and historical fabric of the Langhe has helped set the stage for today's Barolos and Barbarescos. Not enough wine drinkers in the world, let alone in Italy, know the Colla's wines and their deep-rooted family history as tastemakers.

Poderi Colla considers itself a traditional style Barolo and Barbaresco producer. We had a chance to taste the current vintage earlier in the year and we must say, we found all the wines delicious. 


In this photo: Andrea Zarattini from Poderi Colla, Carbone Tasting 2022

Wine critic Antonio Galloni from Vinous has the best insights when it comes to Piedmont and Italian wines in general. We agree 100% with his review of Poderi Colla.

"I find it hard to believe, but Poderi Colla remains one of the under the radar gems in Piedmont. Specifically, the Barbaresco (and Barolo, too) is consistently outstanding. The house style is traditionally leaning, but with a modern expression of fruit and no rustic or hard edges." 

"For some reason, Poderi Colla remains under the radar relative to their peers despite having made a number of superb wines in recent vintages. Perhaps the winery location, just outside of Alba, explains that. I am not really sure. As for the wines, they are fabulous expressions of traditionally crafted Barbaresco and Barolo."


What is now Poderi Colla is the product of more than three centuries of knowledge passed down through the family.

Changes for this winery started in 1956 when legendary winemaker Beppe Colla took over in 1956 Cavaliere Prunotto, making it world famous at a time when the wines of Piedmont were still very little known. Beppe was an influencer and innovator; he helped to draw up production regulations for the Alba Designated Origins, constantly striving to improve their quality. In the 1960s, he was the first to separately vinify grapes from single vineyards. He was also the first to include the word 'cru' on his labels. Beppe's mark became his Barolo Bussia, and it remained his favorite vineyard until he sold Prunotto in 1990 to Antinori.

Beppe passed away in 2019 at the age of 88 and left a legacy carried on by his brother Tino Colla, niece Federica, and nephew Pietro. Having acquired varied experience abroad and in Italy and working for Prunotto alongside his brother Beppe, Tino became the key figure in Poderi Colla, the firm founded in 1994. 

Poderi Colla is currently comprised of three estates. Together, they cover a wide range of Alba's celebrated reds worthy of the Colla heritage:

    • Cascine Drago: located in the heart of the Langhe appellation. On the hill of Bricco de Drago in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio di Alba, with 12 of the total 25 hectares planted with vines. The grapes grown here are Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir and Rhenish Riesling.
    • Tenuta Roncaglia | Barbaresco: Alessandro Masnaghetti writes in his "Map of Barbaresco Cru, 1994: "…the position of Roncaglie, together with Roncagliette, is one of the best we can see on the side of the hill that begins at Roccalini and rises towards Treiso…."
    • Dardi Le Rose | Barolo: it's located inside Monforte d'Alba, one of the five major sub-zones of Barolo, and within one of its massive crus. This area has always been regarded as one of the best for the production of a full-bodied Barolo that ages well.
    • Bricco Bompè: recently added in 2016 Bricco Bompè is on top of the hill of Madonna di Como, in the municipality of Alba, just in front of the Bricco del Drago. This place will be the pole for the vinification, aging and bottling of all the wines produced by Poderi Colla.

Photo credits: Poderi Colla

 Check out the lineup for this tasting:

  • Poderi Colla Dolcetto d’Alba 2020
  • Poderi Colla Costa Bruna Barbera D’Alba 2018
  • Poderi Colla Nebbiolo D’Alba 2018
  • Poderi Colla Barbaresco Roncaglie 2017
  • Poderi Colla Barolo Bussia 2017

In memory of Beppe Colla - Click to watch video